Alhamdulillah is class ko lene k bad mera zahen clear hai k kis tarha ka buisness kerna mere liye behter hai. Bohet sari batain identify kerna ab asaan hai or motivation level bohet high ho gaya. Thank You Sir.

Shehnaz Fatima

“For me it was a new thing to participate in this kind of highly productive and meaningful workshop. The topic which we discussed during the workshop was all about colored brains and its influences on the minds of people. With the help of colored brains we can surely achieve different objectives in an efficient manner. Therefore, the effectiveness of colored brains needs to be assumed in the right direction and at the same time we could improve our personal and professional lives.

I certainly hope that being an HR person I will really try to enhance my level of communication with all the employees of our organization in order to develop attractive learning culture in our organization as a whole.

I will also focus on improving my extent of tolerance with the help of this workshop because it will help me to solve different HR issues to a certain extent.

Being a facilitator of this workshop I suppose you have done a marvelous job because your style of communication was so much effective as all participants were so motivated to participate in this workshop on their own.”

Ahsan Khan

HR Executive at PEAK

“I feel I am very fortunate to be a part of this wonderful workshop because Colored Brain workshop has influenced my way of thinking and perception to a large extent.

The best part about this workshop was the level of interaction between the trainer and participants and it made the whole workshop highly productive and influential because participants also responded in a proactive manner.”

M. Usman

Content Writer

Naveen Javaid

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Arthur Carmazzi - Founder DCI

I used to think that this person from the other department has an ego issue and treated him accordingly. After the Colored Brain workshop, I understand exactly how his brain is hardwired. As a result, our cross departmental communication has improved significantly.


Irfan Khan - Account Manager