Fahad Khaleel

Prior to establishing Y Potential, Fahad has 8 years’ experience of starting and running his own ICT business. He took his own startup business from a mere $12 sale to over $1Million per year in online revenue.

He built an organization culture where 100’s of candidates would want to work, where employees took ownership of their roles and were Seriously rewarded!

Fahad consults businesses for creating their online presence, improving their online sales with strong emphasis on conversion optimization. He also helps businesses in creating additional revenue streams related to their industry space.

His gift for advertisement has also lead him to craft and manage compelling online ad campaigns exceeding $6 figures.

From knowing nothing about online marketing in 2007, he self-educated himself about whatever was necessary to grow his business.

He has managed campaigns on worlds most popular online platforms like: Google, Yahoo, Bing and Facebook.

Fahad considers himself a student on a journey of transformation.  His high sense of achievement and growth clearly reflects in his professional and personal life.

People who have come in contact with him have started their own businesses, improved their communication and even got jobs which once they considered out of their league.

He believes that like our body needs attention in order to be in great shape, our minds need greater attention for us to be who we truly can be.

Fahad started his professional career in telesales and within 2 short years he joined Cisco Systems, where he served as Channel Account Manager.

He was responsible for managing the Western Region in Saudi Arabia, with over 70 channel partners/distributors and a sales target of $2 Million.

For a brief period he also acted as a Territory Market Manager with sales target of $18 Million.

Fahad was also the organizer and key speaker of Cisco SMB Conference held at Hilton, Jeddah.

What most people don’t know is that I “Failed”…

  • in Chemistry & Physics during college.
  • I hated travelling in Public Busses, I almost always had some minor injury getting on or off the bus.
  • My first job paid me roughly Rs. 15,000 ($142 approx.) where I had to try and sell broadband service to over 500 strangers per day over the phone. Rejections & getting cursed was a norm.
  • I was refused a visa for the UK in 2004, yet I’ve been able to travel to over a dozen countries after that including UK!

I know there are hundreds and thousands of people just like Fahad, who have a dream, and they only need some real life inspiration to pursue theirs and make it a reality.

I’ve seen wealth, travelled, bought stuff and come to a conclusion that at the end of the day, these things do not bring you true happiness, joy, and meaning.

Yet we as human beings must try to Excel at what we do in our life to make the journey worthwhile and leave a worthy legacy.

“Am I Living a Meaningful Life? What Legacy Am I Leaving for My Generation? What Contribution am I Making in the Society? Is it Really Worth it?”

These are the questions I use to guide my decisions.



Fahad is on a mission to help dreamers and hopefuls live a fulfilling, engaging and meaningful life. A life which everyone secretly craves yet finds it too difficult to make a reality.

He shares his insights on topics like personal development, training, business, relationships and spirituality to help everyone live a better, fulfilling and meaningful life.

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