September 2, 2016

How to Craft Your Life

Enough is Enough?

Step 1

Really decide once and for all. You have to dig for it, some may get their Why really quick, some may take a little longer, hold on to it, always believe, if you ask long enough, it will show up and literally lighten up your Life.

Step 2

Somehow incorporate passion in it. Something your heart is drawn towards, is craving and you know you’ve been putting it off for a very, very long time!

Step 3 

Tell yourself that it’s enough. Look at yourself in the mirror and ask

  • Is this really how you see yourself?
  • Is this how you want to spend the rest of your life?
  • Is this how you intend to be remembered?

Step 4

Visualize yourself, your life 5 years from now.

Step 5

Write your goals.


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